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“A master at framing”

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Michael Damböck

Fujifilm X-Photographer, Speaker, Youtuber

Me and Photography

Again and again I am asked how I actually got into photography. My answer “I didn’t find anything better” . Oddly, everyone always laughs. But seriously: photography is the best thing that could have happened to me. Doing what I love every day is a gift.
Photography takes me to places that I would never have seen before, connects me with people I would never have met and helps me to share my experiences of my travels with others. I love to pass on my knowledge and experience. For this reason, I regularly give photo courses in Stuttgart. But that’s not all: I share my knowledge with the whole world on Youtube.

Fujifilm X-Photographer

My love of photography has inevitably led me to Fujifilm. Incredibly beautiful cameras with a timeless design. Technically always at the forefront. Innovative and yet reduced to the essentials. After taking pictures with Fujifilm cameras for a few years, I became a Fujifilm X-Photographer. What does it mean to be Fujifilm X-Photographer? As a brand ambassador, I report on my work with the Fujifilm X system on a voluntary basis in my photo courses and on YouTube.
Again and again I have the pleasure of designing and implementing advertising films and photos of new cameras and lenses on behalf of Fujifilm. The best known example of this has been the launch of the Fujifilm X-T3 camera. My photos have been published over 50 times across Germany in full-page ads in all photo magazines. The video was viewed over 30,000 times on the first day alone. A great partnership.
Thanks Fujifilm.


Through my photo courses I am used to speaking to people. But it is much more than speaking. I want to inspire people. It is important to me that every listener can learn something to improve his or her photos. I speak several times a year at Messe Stuttgart. For example at the CMT as a guest but also on my own lecture area with an exhibition.
Furthermore I am booked for lectures about image processing with Capture One Pro. But also at the Photokina in Cologne I had the pleasure of holding several talks for Fujifilm at the Fujifilm booth. WOW, my own talk at Photokina. It was a dream for a long time. What’s next?


As if I didn’t have enough to do. No, I also have two YouTube channels. An international and a German. Topics are of course the Fujifilm X system, photography in general. Image design, light, image editing. Youtube allows me to reach hundreds and thousands of people at the same time with every video. An incredibly powerful platform.
My most popular videos have over 270,000 views. Some others only 1000. 1000 people. With every call I can pass on what I think is important. In the future, I will further strengthen my YouTube presence and answer questions in live streams.

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Michael Damböck Youtube
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