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Fujifilm XF Lenses

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Fuji Lenses

Today we’re talking about Fuji lenses. I made a video about five months ago talking about all the Fuji lenses I currently own. This video got so many views that I thought I should make another video on the subject to tell you what my favorite lenses are for Fujifilm.
I know that some people think that you need at least three lenses in your camera system to take good photos. I think it depends a lot on what you do and what your shooting style is. But for myself I found out that I can even reduce myself to two lenses. That’s even 2 prime lenses: the XF23 and the XF10-24. That is enough for 80 to 90 percent of my subjects. But of course I still have a few more Fujifilm lenses.

Michael Damböck
Fujifilm X-Photographer

Which Fujifilm lenses would you choose?

Which lenses would you choose if you really could only have two?

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Fuji XF10-24/4

When we talk about Fujifilm lenses, a wide angle should not be missing. Often it can not be angular enough for me. Especially with landscapes. Well, then I should have actually bought the XF 8-16 – that’s right. But the 10-24 is much lighter and cheaper. Yes, one aperture less light – but that is not important to me in the wide-angle range. Especially not because the Fuji’s hardly have any noise anyway. It is important to me that my equipment remains light. And with the price difference, I’d rather buy a plane ticket :)

Most of all, I need this wide-angle lens for Vlogging. Filming yourself is not that easy, because the arm could always be a little longer. With the 10-24 I just don’t always have to stretch so extreme and still get a very reasonable picture. The 10-24 could actually be an “always on” lens for me – if it weren’t for the 23 / 1.4 …

Das Fuji XF 10-24 bei Foto Koch

Sample Images taken with the Fujinon XF10-24/4


Fuji X16/1.4

I bought the Fujinon XF16 / 1.4 even before I bought the XF10-24, because that didn’t exist back then. The XF16 is a great lens. Enormously sharp, not too heavy or large and, above all, a real eye-catcher when you buy the rectangular lens hood from Fuji. Using it with the standard tulip-shaped lens hood would be almost a shame.

The big advantages are, of course, the light intensity. Because aperture 1.4 is already a word. That is 3 stops more than the 10-24 has. As I said, that’s actually not so important to me in the wide-angle range. But the second big advantage of this Fujifilm lens is the very short focusing distance. No, it is not a macro lens in the real sense, but it still makes very interesting close-ups. Because typically a macro lens has a much longer focal length.

The Fuji XF16 at Foto Koch


Fujifilm XF16:1.4 Review


Owning the XF16 and the XF23?
Does it make sense?

Sample images taken with the Fujinon XF16/1.4


Fuji XF23/1.4

23mm focal length, which corresponds to a 35mm lens in full format. That is a mega versatile focal length.
It is neither very angular nor particularly “tele”, but it has a really very good aperture that allows you to take pictures in really low light without problems. With your feet a few steps forward or back are enough to find the perfect image section. If I only had one lens, that would be my absolute recommendation. It could even be replaced by the 16mm / F1.4, but on the other hand, the 16er will be too wide angled for many situations.

For all those newcomers goes my clear recommendation: get a 23. Whether 23 / 1.4 or 23/2 is a very difficult question. I should write my own article about that, what do you think?

The Fuji XF 23 at Foto Koch


the XF23


Venice with the XF23

Sample Images taken with the Fujinon XF23/1.4


Fuji XF35/1.4

The XF35 / 1.4 Fuji lens. A classic. Mainly because it was the first lens that Fuji released. At that time I bought it together with the Fuji X-Pro1. So I photographed it intensively for some time. Unfortunately, I now use it less and less. I think that’s because for my type of photography, the 23 is just a lot more suitable for everyday use. I prefer to be 23 or then 56. Rarely in between.

But that’s just because of the focal length and not the lens. Because since the firmware update, it has got a much faster auto focus. Yes, the current F2 lenses are even faster, but I don’t think you can complain here. By the way, many photographers don’t want Fujifilm to put this lens on again. Sharpness, bokeh, contrast are the reasons for this. A great lens.

The Fuji XF35 at Foto Koch




WOW!I got a new lens for free: The Fuji XF 35/1.4

Sample Images taken with the Fujinon XF35/1.4


Fuji XF56/1.2

The next lens I want to talk about is of course a longer focal length and in my case it is the 56 / F1.2. Again, a very bright lens. Great for portraits. Also good for landscapes or for anything a little further away. Simply a light telephoto. I don’t mind if 56mm is the longest focal length for me. It’s okay. I wouldn’t zoom in either way and these two lenses actually give me everything I need. I don’t want to spend as much time changing lenses, so I like to limit myself if possible. I also like to wear two camera housings so that I don’t have to change lenses all day. Then I can concentrate on what happens.

The Fuji XF56 at Foto Koch



Sample Images taken with the Fujinon XF56/1.2


final thoughts …

More Fujifilm lenses will definitely find their way into my photo bag. But I mainly use the 23 and the XF10-24mm. But also, for example, at the last wedding that I photographed. I had all my lenses with me and found at the end of the day that I hadn’t changed my lenses all day. So I photographed everything with the 23 and the 56 and I lacked nothing. It is also very liberating and believe it or not, it takes creativity. Of course, it depends a lot on how you personally take pictures. Maybe your favorite lens or the only lens you need is the 18-55, which is also a really nice lens. Or maybe the 18-135mm.

I hope these thoughts helped you a bit in deciding which lenses to buy.


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